Peter & Maryanne Martin

When we started our Liberty Trust over eight years ago we did not know what we would use the loan for.  We figured that by the time ten years came amount we would have figured it out.

We only put in for a modest amount as we could not afford to pay both our current mortgages and the Liberty Trust payments. We see it as a sound borrowing move.  No matter what happens with interest rates you know that you will have a portion that will have no interest, therefore lowing the overall combined interest rate.

We own two houses but rent the house we live in from someone else! Talking to the team at Liberty Trust they where really helpful and found it was really flexible how we took the loan. We have split our loan in two, taking a portion and also continuing to paying into the Trust for the remaining portion. 

We will be taking out new loans for our kids in a few years.  It’s such a great provision for their future and they can learn to pay into it themselves.

We have really enjoyed being apart of the Trust and the idea of a more biblical model for borrowing money is great and we applaud those who stepped out and dared to dream that people could be free from debt.

It must have seemed a crazy idea when it was first promoted but it has shown that it is in fact brilliant.

God bless

Peter and Maryanne, Lucas, Grace, Georgia and Josiah Martin.

15 Nov 2014