Tom & Michelle

My parents had been part of Liberty Trust for many years and I had seen first hand the amazing blessing it had been to them so it took little convincing when I got my first real job post study to start contributing towards my own interest free loan. You could say I'm a second generation Liberty Trust contributor. I committed to an amount that stretched me a little at times but I always looked ahead knowing that the small sacrifices made at the time would pay off in the future. It was comforting knowing that contributions were going towards freeing others from their ties to the traditional banking system. Fast forward 9 or so years and I now have a little family and a lot more responsibility. My beautiful wife Michelle and I were married four and half years ago and after a stint overseas made our way back to NZ to start a family. We purchased a house, shortly after that got a dog and not long after that along came Koa, a handsome baby boy. I was excited to receive a phone call from Liberty announcing that our loan had become available a little under 2 years earlier than expected. Our Liberty loan was quickly processed and our bank loan cancelled. I did some quick calculations and the interest saving from the year and half we had left on our fixed term bank loan was substantial in it's own right.

It was amazing to see each year the sum increasing on the contribution reports and now even more pleasing to receive loan reports with the total loan amount decreasing much more rapidly than our standard bank mortgage

would have been.

We are now well on our way to paying off our loan from Liberty and looking forward to a freehold family home in under 10 years. It will give us more financial freedom and will open opportunities we may have not been able to

consider without the Liberty Trust loan.

Thanks Liberty for providing this opportunity for my family and the many others that have gone before and the many more that will be signing up in the future.

Tom, Michelle, Koa and Lulu (the dog).

2 Dec 2016