Ross Harvie

I jumped at the opportunity when I heard mention that a small house was available to purchase. For some 9 years I had rented a self contained sleep out and was on what I reckoned was a reasonable wage. Because of my age, the bank shortened the mortgage down from 25 to 15 years. Only a year previously, news of Liberty Trust came to me, so I had started contributions and copies of "Liberty Matters" informed me of how different ones benefited.

Life just continued, a business partnership failed, wages were lost and I became a beneficiary. I had to move what remained of the plant to my home and struggle to keep it going. One third of my floor space is taken up by the equipment. Through all this, God is faithful. As in Ps. 127:1, "Unless the LORD builds the house. . . it's not gonna happen!"

My faith was tried in many ways. Interest levels arose & fell, so it was a 'bolt from the blue' when advice came that a loan to me was imminent. This came through so fast, I was amazed. Then also to find my repayments have now reduced quite an amount is an added blessing.

Many thanks to all the Liberty Staff, who encourage us, as well as carefully administer this grace to all recipients. I see Liberty Trust as part of God's wider picture, His great plan for mankind, for those who search for His ways and His personal plan for them.

Ross Harvie