Shawn and Rachel Norris

Here is our story...

We signed up for liberty because Mum and Dad knew some key people who were a part of Liberty management. They really believed in Liberty and saw how it could benefit our family. At that time we were renting and we really didn’t have the money to spare each week to invest, and then when the Charities Commission declined Libertys charitable status [Ed: Liberty Trust's charitable status was re-established by the High Court] it felt like an even larger effort to keep contributing to a loan that was years off. 

But for some reason we kept contributing, we took a break one year when we were both studying but apart from that our contribution to Liberty continued to build.

Studying as adults put a large strain on our family finances and it felt like we were taking a while to financially recover from this.

When I received the news that our Liberty loan was ready for us, I was so excited.

By this stage, we had already bought a home and had a mortgage but it seemed like our weekly payments just weren’t making a dent in the mortgage. When our Liberty loan arrived it made such a difference and being interest-free meant we will pay it off so much faster!!   

 Liberty only covered a part of our mortgage due to our level of contribution but it’s enabled us to make a real plan going forward to get out of debt. Getting out of debt is our biggest priority financially and we now can see it happening. Thank you so much to the visionaries who believed in Liberty and saw it formed. 


Shawn and Rachel Norris 


30 October 2019