Pastor Nigel Woodley

I have been involved with Liberty Trust since the very early 1990's. A group of about ten or so from the Flaxmere Christian Fellowship joined the Trust back then and now most of them, if not all, have received their interest free loans. I myself received my first ballot in 1997, but not being in a position to accept it I was able to swap the ballot with someone else in the church who was right at the point of purchasing their first home.

Now seven years later, having purchased our first home, my wife Joann and I still enjoy the blessing of being connected with Liberty Trust. After paying a mortgage for 18 months to our bank we were able to refinance with Ark Resources in October 2004.

The first thing I realized was that in just two monthly repayments to Ark Resources we have paid more principal off on our home than it took 18 months to do with the bank! That's incredible and we are grateful to God and to the team in Liberty Trust who had the vision to launch this ministry.

Our house will be paid off 20 years earlier than it would have taken to pay off with the bank - Hallelujah! And now much of the money that would have been given into the hand of sinners will be kept in the hand of the righteous.

'' .... the wealth of the sinner is stored up

for the righteous.'' Prov 13:22 NKJ


Nigel & Joann Woodley

Flaxmere, Hastings