For most people lock-down in April 2020 was a challenging time. For me it was a most amazing time of seeing the loving provision and providence of God.

I was recently told by my business partner that he wanted to put the property I was living in to a different use and wanted me to shift out. When going for a walk around the block during the lock-down, I found a flat that was vacant and up for private sale; the owner lived across the road. After a couple of visits, I entered into an agreement to purchase it. Thanks to Liberty Trust and the amazingly kind, non-judgmental, helpful staff, I was able to go unconditional by the end of the lock-down and move in a few weeks later. 

Now, nearly nine months later, I’m watching the mortgage being repaid quickly and enjoying the quiet street I am in. I am so grateful to the Lord for His provision during such a challenging time, and it was a blessing not having to compete with other people (because of the lock-down), and obtaining this flat before the prices have gone unexpectedly up at the start of 2021. It is truly a gift from God.

Thank you Liberty Trust for your wonderful work of service. You are a testimony and a reminder of God’s goodness to me.

God bless you


14 February 2021