Clinton & Tania Malaquin

Proverbs 10.4

Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.

Although my husband has never been a big income earner he has diligently and steadfastly been in employment our whole married life. I believe that God has blessed us financially because of this. Don't get me wrong, we don't have a mansion on a hill, we don't wear label cloths and nor do we drive the latest vehicle. But we have a good solid home with plenty of rooms for our growing family, a fire to keep us warm and everything that a family needs.

We have been doubly blessed when it comes to owning a house, my parents started us off with an interest free loan for seven years of our marriage. When they needed the outstanding money returned we mortgaged with the bank (shock and horror at paying interest) and had less than two years paying interest when the call came from Liberty Trust. It was a phone call that felt unreal after years of paying our weekly contribution, but we were so excited and felt Gods hand in the timing.

By our early forties we will be mortgage free thanks to Liberty Trust and the vision God put on their hearts. Our plan will be to continue the blessing by helping our children be able to buy their own house and to be financially free to bless other people in the Kingdom. Thank you Liberty Trust and all Glory to Jesus.

Tania, Clinton, Konna, Tayessa, Luca, Jaime and Jacob Malaquin

22 January 2008