Dean & Wendy Scott


We first started contributing to Liberty Trust after returning from our big OE when we wanted to settle down and buy our own home. We bought a place in Te Puke which we loved and five years and one child later sold that in order to move to the bottom of the earth, Invercargill! Our home here, nicknamed ‘Scott Base’, is situated about 5km south of Invercargill, on half an acre of Southland.

Now we have had the news that our loan has come through and that it will cover the remainder of our current bank mortgage.

Even though it was quite a commitment to pay our contribution over the years, we are thrilled to be able to start seeing the benefit of not having to pay any more interest. It means we can pay back our loan in less than half the time and be debt free much sooner. For us, this will mean we will have more disposable income to help out with the cost of living, but to also give back to others by offering hospitality more freely, giving donations to causes we really care about, saving etc.

Thank you to all those at Liberty Trust who give their time to help us and other families to be free of debt.

Dean & Wendy Scott

11 February 2008