Guy & Pushpa Steward

We were delighted to receive the news of our Liberty loan becoming available towards the end of last year.  We had begun contributions towards this just over eight years ago and had received a helping hand by the kind donation by one of the other Liberty contributors – who happened to be our midwife when our son Hamish was born - of her contributions. This hastened our loan which was at that time for a small unit I had in Epsom.  Since we never increased the amount of the loan even after we had sold this unit and, with the help of a family inheritance bought our home two years ago in Hillsborough, when our loan came through it was almost exactly half of our total mortgage.  It is amazing to see the principal reducing so quickly and to know that at least half of our mortgage on our home will be reduced within just seven years. Now we are praying that we could continue to make contributions for a second membership so that all of our mortgage might become interest free. The financial pressures which we all seem to face are often a way of driving us to our knees before God so that we can see Him move in ways impossible to predict. Liberty Trust has been a vital cog in the wheel for us in our goal to become free enough financially to be able to travel and minister the gospel, especially in Pushpa’s home country of Sikkim where there are so many wonderful things happening in the churches there. We are very grateful to God for the faithful people who enable Liberty Trust to be an oasis of freedom in a very trying financial environment.  

Guy, Pushpa and Hamish Steward

16 September 2008