Graeme & Anne Bird

Gods Perfect Timing

We are so grateful to the Lord, our Church, friends, and the vision & determination of Liberty Trust, thanks you're such a blessing. In the early 90's as a young couple with two young children, we sold up our home, and gave away and lent out all we had, to use the gifts & abilities God has given us serve aboard the ship "Doulos" with the support of our Church, City Impact, our funds, and friends. Eight years later we return back home to start again, now with 3 boys, to find that good friends had heard about Liberty Trust, through the church and started contributing for us. We are continually amazed at Gods faithfulness and provision in our lives, and the interest free loan from Liberty is one of those. We sow seeds, and the harvest comes, in perfect timing. We were blessed in recent years to be able to live in a joint family home with Anne's parents, and sister. With the passing of Anne's parents, a need arose for a mortgage over the family home, at the same time Liberty Trust wrote to say that our interest free loan was available, & the amount we needed was available. It has been such a testimony to our family that there is a trust making available interest free loans.

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord. Jeremiah 17:7. We are now sowing for our next generation.

Forever Grateful

Graeme & Anne Bird

9 December 2013