Mavis Wightman

I joined Liberty Trust in June 1989.  My interest had been aroused by the enthusiasm of a friend who could see the benefits that could be passed on to family members through the Interest Free Mortgage Scheme.  By becoming sponsors we could invest in our children's future.

I had been a widow for 13 years, 2 of my 3 children were married and I had no financial commitments.  I took this step of faith and trusted God for the outcome, not knowing which family member would benefit.  In any event it was an investment into God's Kingdom.

By 1995 my daughter and her husband (who were now Christians) felt the Lord was directing them to begin planning for another home and to take over the Liberty Trust monthly contributions.  This seemed an impossibility as they had just been through a period of unemployment.  At that time they were living in a tiny cottage and with three small children, space was at a premium.

They committed themselves to the monthly payments and God honoured this with a successful ballot a year later.

Today, they are enjoying their new home, high up on the Ohope hills.  With careful management of their resources and the help of an experienced builder they have a four bedroom home with beautiful views of the ocean and shoreline.  The interior work is being completed as God continues to provide.

As a parent, I feel overawed at what God has done - how He has worked with us, multiplying our giving to bring such a wonderful blessing to our family.

We are so very grateful and we Praise God for Liberty Trust.

Mavis Wightman