Rev Frank Darcy

Rev Frank Darcy was the pastor of one of our founding churches, the Whakatane Baptist Church, when Liberty Trust began in 1989. Frank wrote this endorcement in July 1999 to celebrate our 10th birthday:

When several people shared the concept and vision of Liberty Trust with me over ten years ago, it affirmed what God had been speaking to me for some time.Scriptures such as “there was not a needy one among them”. Thoughts like “Christians are to be good stewards of God’s resources”. Sermons that advised Christians to get out of debt. Clear Scriptures about lending to brothers without interest, debt putting us in a master/ slave relationship, and the hallmark of God’s Kingdom being freedom. How could I help others if I myself were a slave to debt?

In Liberty Trust I found the answer I had been looking for. It is now evident from many testimonies, including our own, that God has used Liberty Trust to release many from debt.

I thank God for those who have had the courage and persistence to implement and continue the original vision.

The vision to help others has its rewards. As we have contributed to Liberty Trust, we ourselves were blessed when we received a ballot. “Give and it shall be given to you” this promise came true for us.

I have been disappointed in some Christians who have not been able to understand the concepts of Liberty Trust because they have been used to seeing profit as the chief motivation for investment. But Liberty Trust holds to service to God and others as the chief motivation. The Kingdom of God principles are working to confound the worldly-wise.

As we look to the future, I believe God will continue to set many more people free through Liberty Trust.

Yours in Christ

Rev Frank Darcy

July 1999