Pastors Paul & Susan Adams

Paul - In my earlier years, as no doubt did many others, I certainly got far too heavily ensnared in debt. What a lot of money was wasted! If only I had grasped the principles of Liberty Trust. However as soon as we did, and with it making absolute sense, Sue and I couldn’t wait to join. We just felt that it was great to sow into a fund that was going to bless both the Kingdom of God, and his people. And so we started in the early days, and watched it grow with much excitement - because Liberty really is an organisation whose time has come. This a great tool for Christians in this day. What a real difference it makes when you see the same amount of money is going out, but no longer is it 90% interest and 10% principal, it is now 100% principal. Liberty Trust is something I would encourage all Christians (and especially the younger ones) to get involved in. Today it’s an instant world and yet Liberty is not instant. You actually sow into someone else’s field before you reap yourself. And we’ve got to learn patience. But the rewards are far greater when you develop the bigger picture of life. This is certainly God’s way and not Man’s way. It is teaching us the principles of God’s word. Giving to Liberty is a wonderful seed that produces over and over again!

Sue - You treat your contribution as a donation to bless someone. And when- ever you give, it always comes back. And it always comes back at the right time. When it was our turn to receive a loan, this just fitted in so well with our plans for the next ten years. Obviously with eight grandchildren and busy times for them also, we really wanted to be able to free up resources, so as to enable us to input into this next Generation wisely. That’s has always been our passion. We will certainly now be far wiser teaching and showing our Grandchildren the ways of God than when we financed our lifestyle according to the ways of Man. Thank you to all the Team at Liberty Trust. May the Lord richly bless you abundantly! We are both more than happy to talk with anyone who may want further encouragement to join.