Richard & Jenni Hurn

Our family joined Liberty Trust more than a decade ago because we loved the idea of sharing our resources to help others, and ourselves, become debt free.  At the beginning of 2009 we made it a specific focus to reduce our debt.  My husband & I were both working and doing all we could but, in spite of our best effort, we were not making much of a dent in our large mortgage.  As the year progressed it seemed right for me to plan to leave my paid job and commit more time to study, prayer and preaching.  However, my income was being used to make extra payments on the mortgage and so we committed this to the Lord for a solution.  Not long after, a letter from Liberty Trust arrived and I knew immediately what it said before I opened it!  Our current mortgage is larger than the loan from Liberty Trust but we were able to split the loan with 60% interest free from the trust and 40% from the bank (with interest!). 

This has been a huge saving in interest costs already and has meant that I have been able to make the move into unpaid ‘Kingdom’ work instead of using my time to work just to pay the bank interest costs. The scripture says “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matt 6:33) and this has certainly proved true many times over in our experience.  We hope that it will be true in your experience as well.

Our sincere thanks to the Trustees at Liberty Trust and Ark Resources and to all who make the monthly contributions that have helped to set us free!


Jenni on behalf of the Hurn family (Richard, Jenni, Chris, Jonny & Jeremy)

26 January 2010