George & Janessa Richmond

We would just like to thank the Liberty Trust for their help with our interest-free (yippee!!) mortgage.

We were a family with five children in a two bedroom house and on a low income. In addition we had four or five homeless teenagers living permanently in a caravan and in the lounge. We tried every avenue to make our home larger or get a larger home. All the doors we prayed to be opened were closed. Such was the will of God at that time.

We were members of Liberty Trust and were blessed to receive an interest free loan from them. We were still desperate for a larger home. We prayed and trusted that God would answer our prayers. Not knowing the will of God is so hard, yet trusting Him was all we could do, and is all we do now.

Then out of nowhere came a very kind couple in Christ. They offered to rent their six bedroom home to us. We were obviously blown away by the way God moved in this situation. Because of the interest free mortgage from Liberty Trust we have been able to let our small house and rent this big home. Now three years on we have enough equity to buy this home we are renting. We now have seven children and God is blessing us through the couple we are renting from as they have offered us an interest free mortgage. God is so awesome!

Along this journey my father in law in England, who we had not seen for fourteen years, re-established a relationship with us all, and was the one God used to buy our old two bedroom home.

So we can testify to God’s healing power in relationships as well as the miracles of finance. Through the many lessons learned – patience, trusting in God, and believing the vision of Liberty Trust, we have received the blessings God had for us. And I believe He has abundant blessings for all of the children of God.

Thank you

George & Janessa Richmond and family