Ten years ago my wife and I were married. Like many young couples, we weren't starting out with much and did our best to save a deposit for a house. We also made the decision to begin paying into Liberty Trust having heard many good things about it. Our young family started soon after so we purchased a small house.

It was difficult to begin with, trying to pay the mortgage and continue the Liberty Trust donations, but we persevered taking solace in knowing that our donations were helping other families become debt free. It is disheartening seeing so much money going out for a mortgage and so little of it paying off the principle... so much interest!

Some years later it was our turn to reap what we had sown and we got our Liberty Trust loan. Seeing the money going out each month and knowing it is all paying off the principal is a great feeling.

Later in life we will look to start contributing for our two children so they can enjoy an interest-free loan when the time comes for them to purchase a house.

We thank God for his provision of this house we live in and the means to pay for it. We also thank him for the people at Liberty Trust who all those years ago followed God's prompting to start this movement and who continue this work to this day. We look forward to the day when we will be debt free!

John 8:36. "So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed"


23 May 2019