Bob & Helen Boardman

We have had our loan from Liberty Trust for six months now and it is such a fantastic feeling to see our principal going down in large steps every month. In a short time we have paid off thousands! Previously we were paying off about the same amount monthly through the bank and about four fifths was going on interest. Getting on top of our debt seemed such a long grinding process.We started our membership with Liberty Trust in 1998 after spending three years as students at Bible College. With five children, money was very tight but when we heard of Liberty Trust we wanted to be part of it because the whole approach seemed far more Christian than the world’s banking system. We also felt it would be a good compulsory savings scheme for us if we could set a little aside each month. Being pragmatic, we still did our homework. After crunching the numbers it seemed to us that once bank interest rates rose above five percent that financially we would be a lot better off in the long run by paying off the same amount of mortgage through Liberty Trust. We have since found that Liberty’s flexibility made the system even better than expected. This was because we were able to make some lump sum payments to increase our loan potential over the years as more income became available to us.

With the tax breaks also recently gained from our contributions to Liberty we have used the funds to start saving with Liberty for another loan for our kids. Generally, we love the idea that as more people invest with Liberty it will free up further funds and potentially reduce waiting times for loans, making the scheme even more competitive with banks.

We offer our heartfelt thanks to those who developed and run Liberty Trust. We praise Lord Jesus for this biblical initiative (e.g. Psalm 15) to help more people break the debt burden that comes with being mortgaged to our banks usury systems. It is “liberty” indeed!

5 November 2008