Tim & Michelle Fletcher

As you read this, you may be considering whether or not to open an account with Liberty Trust. You may have recently opened one, or you may be further along in your donations, awaiting the time to reap the benefits of your efforts. To each of you, may I encourage you that this is for real? The sowing is worth it. My wife, Michelle, and I applied successfully to Ark Resources for our interest-free loan in May this year. This interest-free loan was no surprise. It came after 8 careful years of donating small amounts into the Liberty Trust account and over time this has built up and grown to become a great blessing to us and our family, and also to many others. We have six children aged between 7 and 14 years. When we first started, with a family to feed and mortgage payments to make from one income, we could only afford small amounts and over time, and as circumstances changed, we were able to increase or decrease our contributions as and when required. This flexibility has been a real blessing to us and has provided us with the opportunity to reach our target amount sooner than anticipated. We now have the blessing of an interest-free loan. No more wasted payments on interest! No more bank! And all our payments go back to be used again, and again, and again!

If you are considering opening an account with Liberty Trust, I highly recommend it. We plan to do it again.

Tim Fletcher

Teacher / Principal

Te Kuiti

15 Nov 2014