Greg & Judy King

I would like to thank Liberty Trust for your commitment to seeing Christians set free from home mortgages.  Today's finance rates and the size of people's mortgages can be very crippling to many families.

We received an interest-free draw in November 1996 which has enabled us to build a two bedroom unit for my mother.

Today there is a need for families to stick together and to help one another when needs arise.  Today's society says to help yourself and get what you can when you can and not to worry about others but this is contrary to God's Word.

While building this unit we had many big and small miracles.

God has a purpose for all things, and I believe building this unit is in accordance to his plan for my family's future.

This could not have happened without God's blessing and Liberty Trust which has enabled us to do it.

Greg and Judy King

Servants of Jesus Christ