Pastors Bruce & Maude McDonald

John 8:36 “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed” When I first became a Christian I discovered the truth in this verse! I knew that I had been set free from the guilt and the shame of my sin AND I was very grateful! Then I discovered that I had also been freed from the consequence and punishment of my sin and I was even more thankful! At times I went back into some of the dumb stuff that I had done before and once again needed to cry out for that freedom again. Amazingly Jesus would restore the freedom again. Wonderful! Then I learned that I had to stand ‘fast’ in that Liberty which Christ had given me and while that was not always easy or instant what a difference!

You know I got to thinking. If Christ could do that for my Sin, would it work for other areas also? Could I be free from wrong thinking, from wrong decisions, from FINANCIAL bondages? You know I couldn’t find a verse anywhere that said it wouldn’t work for all of these things! I discovered that I could be free INDEED!

That is why Liberty Trust got the name it did and I have never stopped believing from that day to this that the purpose of God through His Son is to be make people free in every area of their lives.

So Maude and I have contributed to ‘Liberty Trust’ for a lot of years, seeking always to rejoice wholeheartedly when we heard or read of another family receiving a ballot and trying to stay absolutely confident that our time would come at the right time!

Well our blessing has come, we have received a ballot and WOW it has been an amazing blessing to our family! We have been able to use funds not only to refinance a significant portion of our household debt but to make funds available to our 3 eldest Children to enable them to purchase their own homes! Imagine that, at ages 25, 23 and 22 respectively living in a home that you own and not rent! That is the beginning of a journey to freedom!

So thank you Liberty Trust. Thank you for continuing to demonstrate again and again that he whom the Son sets free is free indeed!!

Bruce & Maude McDonald

Tuesday, 22 March 2011