Mark & Lisa

Our loan is much appreciated thank you.

Obviously with the way interest rates have gone lately it's great to be paying down principal only.

This loan had been sitting in the wings ready for us for quite some time and is our second, the former having been paid back many years ago. We had not been able to take advantage of it because of many years of discussion with our insurer on the repair issues needed to be undertaken for our house which was badly damaged in the 2010 & 11 earthquakes in Christchurch.

It was livable, although drafty, and had needed emergency repairs done immediately to sustain it, until, believe it or not, it was finally evacuated and emptied in February this year for the repair contract with the insurer which finally began in March 2023.

This contract involves relevelling, and a full reline and reclad with complete external window and door replacement. The place is made up of three levels on a slope, with dormers, two terrace balconies, a large deck and a double tandem stand alone garage which has now got a brand new level floor and it will also be reclad. Presently, past mid-August, the place is an empty shell with work being held back by a noncompliant existing steel beam which is having to be replaced. 

We have needed to contribute to the repair cost as we were paid out a certain amount which cleared a bank loan at the time so this Ark Resources loan replaces that thankfully, although there will be extra needed for some betterment costs. The insurer will be paying the remaining balance of the repair costs which includes any further variations like the steel one just mentioned. 

The biggest thing personally in this long saga has been the constant exercising of patience which has brought home strongly the need to very much live one day at a time when as many of you will know your personal resources can all practically be tied up in your own family home. We have raised our four children through this and they are now living their own stable adult lives which is very much a blessing we indeed have thankfulness for. God is good and asks that we be anxious for nothing so we continue to have to find and get back into His great river of peace and learn to stay there!  

May you find it and stay in it too.

Mark and Lisa   

 22 August 2023