Hi.  My name is Mitchell.

I am a builder in South Canterbury who joined Liberty Trust in July 2008. Initially, I was offered an interest-free loan in January 2017, but I couldn't take it then because of my mortgage being on a fixed rate.

Liberty Trust was very helpful in holding the loan until March 2018 when my mortgage term was up. The amount available for the loan didn't quite cover my mortgage, so Liberty arranged for another Christian organisation to cover the excess.

The whole process with Liberty has been quick and easy, thanks to the communication between all the parties involved. As a result I am now free of the bank loan and the majority of my loan is interest-free and being paid off very quickly. It is such a relief to know that the mortgage will be paid off within 10 years.

My girlfriend Ana is currently at Bible College in the UK. And throughout our time together, we have discovered God's timing is impeccable. We are praying about our future together and the possibility of going to the mission field in Papua New Guinea.

Liberty Trust is an amazing organization and we have been abundantly blessed with what it has to offer! They show their integrity and support to those in need, thereby living out Biblical values. It is incredible to be part of the work Liberty Trust does and in so doing be able to pass the blessing on in order to benefit another family with a loan.

29 October 2018