Thomas & Lisa

Our Liberty Trust journey started with Lisa’s parents contributing into a Liberty Trust loan while she was young. Once we were married we took over the contributions and were privileged to receive our Liberty Trust loan in September 2013. We had originally purchased our home in Auckland together with Lisa’s sister and brother in law. This enabled us all to get into the housing market at a young age. They soon moved out of town and we had the option to purchase their half of the home. It was at the same time that Liberty Trust contacted us to advise that our loan had come through- what an amazing blessing!

The loan has not only enabled us to own our own home fully, but has enabled us to reduce our mortgage significantly each year.  It has been so encouraging to watch the loan significantly reduce with each payment.

It has been amazing to not only receive the benefits of an interest free loan from Liberty Trust but to know that we are also assisting others into their own homes and living a life debt free.

Thomas and Lisa Cleland

16 September 2014