Liberty Trust in a Nutshell

Liberty Trust is a NZ charity that is teaching financial principles from the Bible and applying these in the financing of homes for all. The result of its work is living proof that the Bible’s financial principles are as true today as the day when they were written.

Since commencing in 1989 the Trust has become known for its radical challenge to the Kiwi cultural belief that it’s okay to borrow as much as you can and live without thought to the future for you and your loved ones. Liberty Trust presents a Biblical alternative to the traditional method of borrowing for a home by encouraging New Zealanders to first help each other (Sowing before you Reap) and lending interest-free (another Bible principle), through Ark Resources Ltd, to enable everyone to own their own homes debt-free as soon as possible.In Bible times, families and extended families often pooled together to provide homes to their newly-weds. Commercial money lending was abhorred for the simple reason that the Israelites were commanded in the Bible to lend to each other without interest. Today the Western world has replaced this culture with commercial mortgages, often lasting for the remainder of one’s working life or even longer – and costing twice as much as the cost of the home. 

The Bible principle regarding debt: “The borrower is servant to the lender” (Proverbs 22 v 7), also applies when we are borrowing (renting) a home from a landlord, as the borrower must follow rules and pay what is demanded, often being trapped in renting their whole lives. Liberty Trust is committed to reversing this culture of long-term debt. By following Bible principles you can experience the liberty and security of owning your own home without debt, while helping others do the same.

Today many parents are unwilling or unable to assist their children into their own homes. Liberty Trust members aim to help each other – as one large ‘family’. 

Another Bible financial principle is “Stewardship”, that we have each been uniquely and deliberately created by God for a special purpose. This includes the responsibility to wisely use the finance and talents He has given to us. We cannot truly achieve the liberty and purpose God planned for each of us while we live in debt, needlessly wasting God’s funds on rent or interest.

How Does It Work?

About ten years after joining, or sooner as funds become available, Ark Resources Ltd will offer to each member an interest-free mortgage of seven times the contributions they have given to the Trust. 

For example, if you contribute $500 per month for ten years, to total $60,000, you would be offered an interest-free loan of $420,000. Your contribution remains with the trust, growing the storehouse so we can help many others.

We recommend contributors give a regular amount by bank automatic payment. You can stop, re-start, increase or reduce according to your circumstances. For example, you can continue giving for more than 10 years if you need to borrow more. Every dollar received is continually being loaned and repaid, then loaned again and repaid etc. many times over. It’s all about advancing God’s Kingdom; ‘people – not profit.’

The Trust lends up to 100% of valuation - so a deposit may not be needed. However, we cannot give mortgages to those who don’t meet normal lending terms, i.e. the ability to repay. We trustees are stewards of God’s money just like you. Lending terms are on the back of the joining form entitled “Request to join the ministry of Liberty Trust”.

The Trust’s vision for the future is huge. Since 1989 the Trust has given more than 600 interest-free mortgages totalling over $80 million, all without receiving grants or borrowing. Every dollar given is re-lent again and again. The Trust is now lending over $7 million each year, all interest-free and without borrowing.

Children, Teens & Students

We strongly recommend that parents and grandparents part-sponsor their children or grandchildren while at school or tertiary training from as little as $10/ week, e.g. as part of their pocket money, and teach them why, until they take over the contributions themselves when they commence earning. Membership in Liberty Trust gives them both the encouragement and purpose during their schooling and employment to save for a home, and the practical system to achieve it while young. Depending upon the cost of the home they seek, they can buy their own home for themselves or as an investment as soon as in their late 20s, and be completely debt-free in their 30s. In turn they will very likely sponsor their own children, and they theirs, and so on. You will have begun a family heritage.

Liberty Trust is available for all New Zealanders.  The Trust reports to the Whakatane Liberty Life and Baptist churches but is financially independent of them.

If you would like to assist by donating to the Trust please complete the form: “Request to Support the Ministry of Liberty Trust” and set up your regular contributions.

If you would like to assist by donating to the Trust please complete the form: Request to Support the Ministry of Liberty Trust.  

To find out more we invite you to phone 0508 Liberty (0508 542378), email or look around our website:

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