Mike & Amy McDonald

Amy and I have benefited greatly from a Liberty Trust loan.The story started when my parents contributed into Liberty Trust Whakatane many years ago. After a number of years the whole family moved to Auckland and my parents started to contribute into Liberty Trust Auckland. A few years went by and an opportunity came up for Mum and Dad to received a small loan from Whakatane, a little while before Amy and I got married. Mum and Dad offered this loan to us so we could use it as a deposit for our first home. This was a fantastic opportunity and was the only way we could get into the property market.Amy and I are also contributing to a larger Liberty Trust loan, which my parents also started contributions for me before I could do it myself, so that when it is our turn to receive the loan we can pay off the bank mortgage we have and be debt free far sooner! Our goal is to be debt free so we are able to use our God given finances for God's purpose, and I know this is made a lot easier with Liberty Trust. I encourage anyone in any situation to get involved in Liberty Trust, it will work for you!Cheers, Mike and Amy9 April 2010