Jash & Izzy

I started up contributions with Liberty Trust back in 2010 when I was 18 years old. I had only just started my electrical apprenticeship.

My parents had always instilled me the ideal of being ‘no man’s debtor’, of good financial stewardship, self-discipline, and the value of owning your own home.

I couldn’t see at the time how I was going to afford to buy a house let alone actually pay it off. Regular contributions into Liberty Trust were a commitment to the goal I’d set myself.

Fast forward five years, I had completed my trade cert and continued with my studies. Between savings and good investments, I’d managed to put together a house deposit and bought the property where my wife (Isabelle) and I now live at the end of 2014.

Isabelle and I were married in 2016 and it was quite special moving into our own home.

We maintained contributions with Liberty Trust while paying off the mortgage with a view to one day moving the whole mortgage across.

When Liberty contacted us about a year ago to say that we were eligible for a loan, we were excited, but rather than jump across straight away we decided to put some more value in with Liberty so that we would be able to move the entire mortgage over.

In March this year we were thrilled to be able to make the jump and leave interest payments in the past.

The transition was handled professionally and dealing with people who were genuinely excited to help us achieve our goals was refreshingly humanizing.

It’s a real encouragement to have all of the value of our mortgage payments going straight into the capital and seeing the capital value of the mortgage dropping so quickly!

Thanks to the team at Liberty Trust for continuing the vision.

Jash & Izzy

20 July 2020