Mike and Janferie Dewar

The best* financial decision my husband and I have made was to join Liberty Trust way back in 1996 when we were a young couple at Bible College. At the time we had no income and no home of our own, having spent what would be considered a good deposit on a house to go and study God's Word. While living there we received our first Ark Resources Loan which we went on to fully repay. The second best financial decision was to make contributions in 2005 towards a future interest free loan, even though to do so at the time with an existing mortgage and 4 young children was challenging financially. Around this time God spoke very clearly to me from Psalm 37 v 34, 'Wait for the Lord and keep His way. He will exalt you to inherit the land." Over the years I have remembered and prayed this verse, through times when it seemed an impossibility in the natural I held on to it. After 12 years, we needed a bigger home for the family. That first house sold within 4 days, at a time when only a few houses a month were selling in the town we lived in after the Global financial crisis. This was the goodness of God making a way for us. This year through receiving our second Ark Resources Loan early and through God working in other circumstances in our lives, this Scripture as been completely fulfilled.

The promise rested on the faithfulness of God, and how He moves often unseen to us, bringing things to fulfillment at just the right time. My husband and I knew that our part was to wait, be patient and keep His ways. And what was the WAY God wanted us to be faithful to? It was to remain with Liberty Trust over a period of nearly 20 years now, and to keep sowing financial blessing into the lives of others through this Ministry.

Be encouraged to keep trusting and relying on God in your life in the area of finance and be faithful to godly financial principles.

God Bless you

Mike and Janferie Dewar

Sarah, Anna, Sam, and Rebekah

* Other than tithing!

17 October 2014