Paul J. Meyer has proven that Christian stewardship and financial success go hand in hand. He is inspiring a whole generation. He writes, 

"Most people think giving is a luxury they can’t afford. They say they’ll give when they get rich. They say giving is painful because it demands sacrifice. They say a person who gives seriously is a saint, or a sucker. They are wrong.

“Jesus said “Give and it will be given to you” Luke 6 v 38. The person who meets that challenge, who determines to become a giver in all five resources – relationships, spiritual values, finance, information, and time/ energy – will enjoy the peace and the thrill and the financial security of proving God’s promise.

“I don’t give to be paid back – That is hard for me to explain to people. I give because I have learned I need to give. I feel almost selfish. If I could, I’d give every moment of the day. That is the thrill of giving.

Paul, when asked how he would like to be remembered in his hometown replies, 

“As a Christ-like person – a Christian who did not just think like a Christian and believe like a Christian, but acted like one towards those less fortunate – who cared not only in thought but in action. I would like to be a role model to my family and others as far as stewardship of time, talent, and money is concerned.

Paul J. Meyer, An Ambassador for Christ at the Global Scale

by J.M. Haggai.