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Liberty Trust: God doesn’t believe in interest on loans

Campbell Live, TV 3, Fri, 19 Aug 2011 7:00p.m.

Does an interest free loan sound too good to be true?  According to a Whakatane based church it's God's will that we don't pay interest, and aren't burdened with debt. [Read more or Watch Video]

Cheap Alternative to Instant Gratification

Beacon - 8 July 2011, page 5

A Whakatane chutch trust is teaching young people to suppress their desire for instant gratification - the reward being a new, more affordable way to achieve home ownership. [Read more]

Judge Overturns Commission Decision

Beacon - 6 July 2011, page 1

The High Court has overtuned a Charities Commission decision to de-register a Whakatane church trust that makes interest-free housing loans.  Liberty Trust was registered as charitable under the Charities Act on October 8 2007.  It teaches and practises Biblical financial principles, including a mortgage lending scheme funded by donations. ...  [Read more]

Liberty Trust – Resurrected as Charity by High Court ruling

Dominion Post June 8, 2011, P. A3

The High Court has reinstated a Christian mortgage lending scheme as a charity after it was struck off the Register of Charities by the Charities Commission last April. Liberty Trust, suspected by the Charities Commission of being an illegal pyramid scheme, said its interest-free loans, largely funded by donations, were based on Bible principles. ... [Read more]

Church Group Offer Interest Free Home Loans

Look, 31 May 2011, page 28

Since 1989 a Whakatane Christian church group has helped over 270 home owners enjoy a better way of life, through an innovative interest free lending programe. [Read more]

Liberty Trust Moves On

Aaron Ironside - Challenge Weekly | November 2010, page 3

Whakatane-based Liberty Trust says it is time to "move on" from the decision by the Charities Commission to decline an application for charitable status.  Trust chairman Kelvin Deal was "astonished by the Charities Commission decision", but says the ministry is now looking ahead.  [Read more]

TV3 News, 6pm 8 May 2010

Does an interest free home loan sound too good to be true? A charitable trust claims to provide just that and one day hopes to become a mainstream alternative to banks. The religious based trust is open to anyone, and has lent more than $18 million over 21 years, mostly to first home buyers. The Liberty Trust now faces being deregistered as a charity despite making no money, and helping hundreds of needy people. [Read more]

Trust lends $16.1m at no interest 

John McNeil - Challenge Weekly | 9 March 2009, Vol 67, Iss 8, page 1

An organisation which loans mortgage money interest-free has now advanced $16.1 million to 225 homes throughout New Zealand ...  [ Read more ]

Home Ownership

Publisher's Letter by John Massam - Challenge Weekly | 9 March 2009, Vol 67, Iss 8, page 2

The world is struggling with the issue of debt, ...  Alongside this it is exciting to read of the success of Liberty Trust ...  [ Read more ]

Young expect to pay bills with credit - survey | Wednesday, 18 February 2009 

Young people and those in low income households are resigning themselves to increasing their debt levels to cover expenses, a survey released today finds.  [Read more]

Lifetime of renting a recipe for poverty

Ruth Laugesen - Sunday Star Times | Sunday, 09 March 2008

Property-rich baby boomers are locking young New Zealanders out of the housing market, setting the scene for a widening generational wealth gap.  New research from the Centre for Housing Research has found younger New Zealanders are buying homes later, with the result fewer will be able to buy homes at all.  [Read more]

44% to Retire with Mortgage to Repay

TVNZ, 24/05/2006

Paying off the mortgage before retirement is a goal that many aspire to. But according to a new Australian survey it is one that 44 percent don't think they will achieve.

Don’t waste your life paying off your debt.  Take steps now to become debt free early, so you are able use your time & money for God’s glory.  There's a better way to own a home!

Children not Taught the Basics

NewstalkZB, 25/05/2006

A nationwide survey finds many homeowners are not even aware of the basics of mortgage repayment. 

The Retirement Commissioner, Diana Crossan, says schools and tertiary institutions have not kept up with the need for better financial knowledge which has led to today's lack of mortgage understanding.