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The Money Book for Kiwi Kids

The Money Book for Kiwi Kids is written to help 8-12 year old New Zealanders learn about money.  

Its 44 pages are filled with real life examples, quirky illustrations, and relevant Bible verses. 

The Money Book for Kiwi Teens

The Money Book for Kiwi Teens is written to help New Zealander teenagers learn about money.       

How do I keep accounts?

What about peer pressure?

What about long-term planning?

If you have questions like this, the 64-page Money Book for Kiwi Teens has many important ideas and suggestions.

The Four Purposes for Money

The key to a successful financial future lies in understanding that there are 'four purposes for money'.  Not lots, just four, and understanding these and applying the resources that come to us appropriately to these four purposes determines a successful journey with money.  Remember that money doesn't know where it should go and so it must be told where it is to go.  Every dollar needs to be given an assignment.  This is key to a better future.  11 pages.

The Church of the Next Generation  [limited stock]

There is a very real likelihood that Christians in the next generation (our children) will be among "the tail" - not "the head" in our society.  This 40-page booklet addresses the challenge facing young Christians in New Zealand and concludes with a three-step practical solution to provide the Bible's solution to this challenge.


Bible Study on Finance [limited stock]

Why does every area of Christian ministry seem to be limited by a shortage of finance, when the Bible promises ample provision for his people?  Why do Christians often spend a working lifetime repaying their mortgage unable to give with full liberty to God's Kingdom?  Why, when the Bible warns against debt and forbids the charging of interest?  There is a biblical solution.



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