Short compilation of testimonies


30-second testimony
"There's a better way"

30-second testimony
"It changes lives".


30-second testimony
"Liberty Trust has enabled me".

30-second testimony
"It doesn't matter how high interest rates may go, we don't pay any interest"


30-second testimony
"We are stewards and we're taking care of God's things."

How Liberty Trust Works 
July 2015
2 mins

Introductory video of Liberty Trust including short interviews with trustees & several participants. 
7 mins.

One News: Clever parents helping their kids into their own homes through Liberty Trust.  
July 2014
4 mins. 


Testimonies of Liberty Trust participants.  3 mins.

What if there was a better way of buying your own home?
30 sec promo

The Liberty Trust Story as told by founding Pastor Bruce McDonald. 
4 mins.


How the Liberty Life Church was built using Liberty Trust.
March 2016
6 mins


Liberty Trust in 2016
2 1/2 minutes

Bethel House, men's ministry and Liberty Trust.
March 2016
3 mins

Campbell Live investigation of Liberty Trust.  August 2011. 
6 minutes.

TV3 News investigation of Liberty Trust.  
May 2010.  3 minutes.