30 second testimony
"It changes lives".


30 second testimony
"Liberty Trust has enabled me".


30 second testimony
"It doesn't matter how high interest rates may go, we don't pay any interest"


30 second testimony
"I've got a townhouse, I've got a debt, but I'm able to pay that off within ten years ...
We are stewards and we're taking care of God's things."


How the Liberty Life Church was built using Liberty Trust.
March 2016
6 mins

Bethel House, men's ministry and Liberty Trust.
March 2016
3 mins

How Liberty Trust Works 
July 2015
2 mins

Introductory video of Liberty Trust including short interviews with trustees & several participants. 
7 mins.

One News: Clever parents helping their kids into their own homes through Liberty Trust.  
July 2014

Testimonies of Liberty Trust participants.  3 mins.

The Liberty Trust Story as told by founding Pastor Bruce McDonald. 
4 mins.

Campbell Live investigation of Liberty Trust.  August 2011. 
6 minutes.

TV3 News investigation of Liberty Trust.  
May 2010.  3 minutes. 

What if there was a better way of buying your own home?
30 sec promo