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Victor & Alison

Our house lost the sun by 3pm most of the year. Alison finds afternoon sun improves her sense of well-being, and because she works from home direct sunlight is very important to her. When we began to make Liberty Trust deposits Vic was ambivalent because the Trust was not a legally ‘confirmed’ provider of finance, and as an employee in a law school he heard about avoiding unproven financial providers. The lawyers assumed the best way to do that was to stay with the tried and true.

As Christians we thought an important priority for the church and believers is to help other believers; where we disagreed about Liberty was that Vic thought help ought to be primarily for those with needs that would help them function at a basic level, while Alison thought help was should also help those whose basic needs were met but who needed help in achieving higher needs – like the ability to work well. In 2008 we found a house that met Alison’s needs perfectly: summer sun from 6 am to 8 pm and winter sun a little less. And with boys in post-primary education, it was a blessing to have a roomier house on only two levels.

Psalm 85 says, “The Lord will give what is good,” as part of his generosity, peace, and righteousness. Basically, he gives so that his people can act, speak and think in ways that cohere with the righteousness and peace he intends for everyone in the world. Since paying back our debt to Liberty Trust we gladly give more to local churches, other ministries, and to charities that help those who need it.

Victor & Alison

5 June 2016