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Greetings from China,

I am one of the very privileged original members of Liberty Trust and was pleased to be able to not only pay the necessary 'contributions' for myself, but was also able to give contributions on behalf of each of my five children, who were each later able to continue the payments themselves.

It wasn't long before I myself received an interest-free Loan from Liberty Trust and Ark Resources which has been a tremendous blessing and benefit for me, allowing me to continue paying for my home in Opotiki, without any added interest, over a number of years. I expect to have my home paid off within the next 2-3 years.

This has also been very beneficial to me during my eight years here in China, where I am a student of the Chinese language, and also have had many opportunities to assist local students with opportunities to practice their oral English, which they have needed both for their higher level exams here and for opportunities to study abroad. I also endeavour to assist poorer people in a variety of ways, including locating good used clothing for them. My Chinese language has not progressed as well as expected, but one Chinese Professor commented "Your English is getting better & better" !!

I sincerely appreciate, with deep gratitude, this Ministry and also the Trustees of Liberty Trust and Ark Resources
who have assisted in remarkable and valuable ways in making this valuable organisation achieve so effectively.