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Graham & Colleen Thurman

We didn’t know whether to join as our mortgage was down to $20,000 with nine more years to run and manageable. However we heard that by joining we would be helping others and so we joined.

We had three children at school and an old car and Colleen was working part time, and finance was tight. I can still remember arriving home from work one night and Colleen telling me, “Guess what, our interest free loan is available”. I was amazed.

It seemed just unbelievable that we had received our interest free loan so fast. We had only joined to help others and here we were getting blessed ourselves. It really was amazing. Originally we were paying 23% interest when we took out our mortgage, and financially things were still tough. Altogether I think it cut down our mortgage from 9 years to 4 years. I understand that not only were we the first to receive but also were the first to repay our mortgage.

That brought a new sense of freedom to our lives. Suddenly we were able to make decisions and serve God in new ways. We could then begin to give in more directions without the pressure of having to always count our pennies. Undoubtedly this is the freedom that God wants His people to live in - to be able to pay the bills as soon as they are due and to owe no man anything, without the bondage of financial pressure. We pray that this will become a reality soon in your lives.

Graham & Colleen Thurman