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Joshua Klein Ovink

In May 2017, aged 19, I bought my house through Liberty Trust. It is a three bedroom former state house, in a good location next to good schools and pre-schools. It was a do-upper, so my family and I pitched in and rolled up our sleeves and got the job done.

I was fortunate enough that my parents started my siblings and I into Liberty Trust when we were young. Instead of going to university I always planned to own a home by the age of 23. I left school when I was offered an apprenticeship and I board at home. I kept the Liberty Trust account going although my wages haven’t been high. My parents made it possible by buying a third of the house, which I will purchase off them one day.

I currently rent the house out and it pays off the interest-free mortgage virtually on its own. It is working out well. I am blessed with the good family tenanting it as they are very responsible, friendly and keep it spick and span. A family member recommended them as tenants, so no marketing or management costs have been necessary, which has saved time and money. Praise God!

I plan to start another membership soon so when I finish paying off this first house (in 10 years or less), the second membership will be ready to use.

Proverbs 21:20: The wise have wealth and luxury, but fools spend whatever they get.

I would like to thank Liberty Trust for the blessing of financial help, through the interest-free initiative they offer. The church that I attend as everyone was very supportive with the purchase of my house. And most importantly my parents for helping to get my foot into the property market at such a young age.

I would 100% recommend Liberty Trust to ANYONE looking for home ownership for either themselves, or their children, otherwise they will be paying rent forever! I personally have spread the word to many of my friends, and a couple have started accounts of their own.

Joshua Klein Ovink
6 January 2018