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Ian & Jenny Forbes

The loan from Liberty Trust has been a great blessing to our finances.

Some years ago (1987 - 1999) we were missionaries in Indonesia. Some time during that period my home church, North Shore New Life Fellowship, started paying into Liberty Trust on our behalf. After returning from Indonesia to look after my aging parents I had brief contact with Liberty Trust who said that I was still on their books and a loan would be available, should I need it. However being more or less penniless I thought that I would be unable to handle the repayments.

With the passing of time Dad passed away and Mum had to go into full time hospital-level rest home care. She passed away in May 2012 and after a number of meetings with a lawyer it was arranged that we would buy out my sister’s half of the family home in Paraparaumu Beach, after the Government had been repaid the substantial amount owing for the rest-home care. The lawyer had never heard of Liberty Trust and expressed doubt that such an organisation existed!

We purchased the property in June this year with an interest free Liberty Trust/ Ark Resources mortgage as well as a bank mortgage. In December next year I will retire from my job at the Indonesian Embassy (age 61) and we plan to sell the house with the possibility of rolling over the Liberty Trust loan into a cheaper property. My loan from Liberty Trust has been invaluable as a form of bridging finance, despite obtaining it much later in life, and will be key to the possibility of owning a small freehold property.

I am grateful to all who have helped us in this journey. Firstly to the leadership of North Shore New Life Fellowship and secondly to the people who administer Liberty Trust/Ark Resources for their encouragement and integrity. May they reap the promise of Psalm 5 v 12:

“For You, O Lord, will bless the righteous; With favour You will surround him as with a shield.”

Ian & Jenny Forbes

December 2013