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Joyce Storey

I joined Liberty Trust at a meeting in Kaitaia. The speakers’ message about God’s desire for us to be debt-free touched a spark in me. At that time I had a mortgage and was only on my pension. My elderly mother acquired a unit on my property where we keep an eye on each other as we are both widowed.

We are thrilled and grateful at receiving our interest-free mortgage for our homes, releasing us from long-term debt. Now we can look forward to helping others in God’s work. Truly God’s favor is sweet – as I have found many times in the 12 years of really knowing my Lord. He is ever faithful in the small and large things of life.

I sincerely thank Kelvin and Kathleen and team for their devoted touch over the years, increasing God’s Kingdom with their love for people.

God’s blessings a hundredfold.

Joyce Storey and Tilly Bartley
Coopers Beach, Northland

April 1999