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Gordon & Glenys Nairn

When we joined Liberty Trust it was not with the need for an interest-free loan but purely because we totally believe in what they are doing,  We contributed $20 per week towards a $50k loan with no real concept of what we would do with it once it fell due.  It has been our privilege to be able to give that loan to a missionary couple as the deposit on their home using our equity to secure it.  Now we are encouraging them to sow into Liberty Trust in their own names to replace the major bank loan they have.

The Liberty Trust principle is so Biblical – God’s people lending to each other with no interest.  God has blessed us immeasurably over the years so we can bless others and in doing so He pours out yet more blessing – we can never out-give God.  Time moves quickly.  The repayment of the first $50k loan will be over and our friends will be rejoicing in their new loan before they realise it, and mortgage-free entirely at still a fairly young age.  Thank you all you faithful workers at Liberty Trust for receiving and acting on God’s vision.

Gordon & Glenys Nairn

2 March 2011