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Rick & Esther

We found out about Liberty Trust through my parents who had heard about it. At the time we were engaged and, with the intention of buying a house in the future, we signed up. We thought it was a great opportunity to be part of as it would not only benefit us but others also.

We received our interest-free loan in January this year. We had heard that loans were being offered a lot earlier than originally predicted so weren’t too surprised when we received the letter in the mail. The process of receiving the loan was more straightforward than anticipated. We had owned a home for almost three years so we used the Liberty Trust loan to refinance the bank mortgage that we had. Now it’s nice to see the amount we owe reducing faster every month. 

We didn’t use all our Liberty Trust membership for this loan and are adding to it for when we need a bigger house in the future.

Rick & Esther

23 October 2018