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Gary & Leanne Ellis

I had the opportunity to become involved with Liberty Trust when it first started back in 1989. At that time I was single and thought that this was a great opportunity for me to get ahead later on. I got married to Leanne in 1991 and we started the hard slog of saving for a house. Eighteen months later we had purchased our home and we were eagerly waiting for our first baby to arrive.  Our finances were tight at the time and we often wondered how we were going to survive with paying a mortgage and paying our contribution towards LT. We knew that God’s timing was perfect but it didn’t make it any easier! There were quite a few times where we wanted to give up but thank God we kept going. Finally, in early 2000, came the offer to refinance our mortgage interest free.

In 2003 the opportunity arose to work full time for Livingwell Church in Rotorua. With our family having grown to 3 kids we had been looking for some time for a bigger house. With the drop in salary it seemed impossible that we could afford a larger mortgage but God is a bigger God than we think! One day we happened on a house that was perfect in size and location. Our interest free loan was not enough to cover the purchase of this house so we faced going back to a bank to get the finance. While waiting for our offer to be accepted we received a phone call from Kathleen to say that someone who didn’t need their loan anymore had gifted their balance to us. This gave us enough money to have our entire mortgage interest free.

While it hasn’t always been easy we have been incredibly blessed to have our mortgage with LT. We look forward to being able to pass that blessing on to others in the future.


  Gary & Leanne Ellis