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Greg & Helen

The first time we heard about Liberty Trust was at Parachute Festival, the day before we got engaged. At first it all seemed too-good-to-be-true, but we soon did our research and number crunching, then consulted with a couple of financially-minded friends before coming to the conclusion that the way Liberty Trust was setup was robust and safe. We worried that things might not be the same in the years to come, both for Liberty Trust and for us, but we felt confident it was the right move at the right time.

Since joining Liberty Trust we have learned a lot more about finance - we’ve had two bank mortgages and learned how to best structure the loans to maximise flexibility and to try to minimise the interest. But even then we still felt like the banks were still in charge of our finances. While they might try via various marketing campaigns to convince us they care about us personally, we also know the reality that they are there to get the maximum possible return from us. The way Liberty Trust is structured is radically different to that system. We feel that we are a part of something that can change lives dramatically, and can help to provide a basic necessity of life - a roof over one’s head. The best thing of all is that by contributing to Liberty Trust we are building something bigger not just for our benefit, but for other Kiwi families and generations to come.

Since we began our contributions, we have gotten married, worked and saved, bought our first home, had flatmates, travelled around the world for a year, and then re-settled back into NZ life. Very recently, while expecting our first baby to be born, we were offered an interest-free loan by Liberty Trust. The timing couldn’t have been any more perfect. Now, our home loan is completely interest-free and within seven years it will be loan-free!

We are very grateful to God for His vision and guidance and to the Liberty Trust founders and the trustees for making this all possible.

Greg & Helen

16 April 2013