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Greg & Anna Elias

Our names are Greg & Anna, and we have four children ranging in age from 13 to 5. Since having our family, we have been fortunate enough to manage on a single income, allowing Anna to focus on looking after the family. However, this meant that after paying expenses and our mortgage we had very little money left that we had control over. So a few years ago we sold our house and bought a cheaper property to become mortgage free. In doing this, we still live in a similar area, have the same few acres, but we have a much smaller and lower quality house.

This has turned out to be a great decision, even though it has meant a family of six living in a small 3 bedroom house! We have discovered what we can live without, and what we really need. As our family is growing, we are about to start a house extension which will give us the extra space we need for the future when we will have four teenagers at home. We may need to borrow some money for this, but will only borrow what we can repay quickly.

We now have the ability to save for what we want, and we are the ones who decide what our money goes on. This has been an enormous blessing in our life, and has also freed us to help others.

We have joined Liberty Trust on behalf of our two older children, and will add the younger ones in future years. Our goal is that they will be in a position to buy their own homes as young adults, and to be mortgage free early in life. We trust that this will be a blessing for them and their future families.

We would also like to thank Liberty Trust for their vision and faithfulness in helping the families of our nation. We pray that this work will continue to grow and that God will be glorified by demonstrating the wisdom of his principles.

Greg & Anna Elias

20 June 2016