Liberty Trust began in 1989 pioneered by Pastor Bruce McDonald and five trustees, Kelvin Deal (Chairman), John Bartley, Elaine Bateson, Ian Bradley and Kevin Wilson.

Pastor Bruce McDonald could be called the original visionary of Liberty Trust. Bruce is National Leader of the New Life Churches of New Zealand, pastor of Auckland Christian Fellowship and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Liberty Trust Auckland and New Covenant International Bible College.

Kelvin Deal, founding & current chairman, is passionate about God's principles of finance and releasing people from bondage of debt into a Kingdom lifestyle. He and his wonderful wife Kathleen have been outworking Liberty Trust from its inception. They have three married children and ten grandchildren.

John Bartley was deputy chairman and treasurer of Liberty Trust from its commencement until 1996, when he and his wife Jeannie left for England. John would like to see other trusts around the world teaching God's financial principles, and assisting saints out of debt.

Elaine Bateson is a lady of Vision for things of God, like her brothers and sister, Pastors Maurice, Bruce, Ian, & Tricia McDonald. Therefore it is no surprise that she was a Trustee of Liberty Trust from its very beginning and continued serving for twelve years. Elaine and her husband Alan form the partnership in Covenant Homes Ltd, which employs their four sons, and others.

Ian Bradley and his wife Marianne were invaluable at the commencement of Liberty Trust. Ian was a founding trustee and computer advisor, and Marianne was our first clerical administrator, keeping records of all transactions. They are blessed with a daughter, and now live in Australia.

Kevin Wilson had a passion to see people set free and operating in the complete liberty that God gives. He was a trustee until his death in June 2003. He and his wife Judi have two adult sons and a daughter.