Books for Sale


The Money Book for Kiwi Kids
The Money Book for Kiwi Kids is written to help 8-12 year old New Zealanders learn about money.  

Its 44 pages are filled with real life examples, quirky illustrations and relevant Bible verses. 


The Money Book for Kiwi Teens

The Money Book for Kiwi Teens is written to help New Zealander teenagers learn about money.  
     How do I keep accounts?
     What about peer pressure?
     What about long-term planning?
If you have questions like this, the 64-page Money Book for Kiwi Teens has many important ideas and suggestions.

The Church of the Next Generation

There is a very real likelihood that Christians in the next generation (our children) will be among "the tail" - not "the head" in our society.  This 40-page booklet addresses the challenge facing young Christians in New Zealand and concludes with a three-step practical solution to provide the Bible's solution to this challenge.

Books are $15 each.  To order, either:
  • Post a $15 cheque to "Liberty Trust, PO Box 2211, Whakatane" with your name and address; or
  • Deposit $15 into our bank account: 03 0490 0237819 01 with your surname as a reference and email us at or phone 0508 LIBERTY to let us know your request & your postal address.