Who We Are

Liberty Trust is a New Zealand charity (Reg: CC11287) established in 1989 under the covering of the Whakatane Baptist Church and Liberty Life Church to whom we report. It is a gift from God for the Whole Body of Christ.

Our purpose: We seek to teach & demonstrate the Bible’s financial principles in order to bring greater understanding of the Bible, assist those in financial difficulty, relieve financial burdens and advance the Kingdom of God.

Pictured below are Jonathan (trustee), Jenny (promotions), Evan (lending), Kerryanne (trustee), Bruce (Patron), Kelvin (trustee), Tom (chairman), Colleen (trustee),  Robert (trustee) and Mark (trustee). 

Liberty Trust has a heart for missions and is a member of Missions Interlink (NZ). We also support Christian Network's efforts to build unity and support to the whole New Zealand body of Christ. We are very grateful for the advice and support we have received from the Bible College of New Zealand and others (see endorsements).

We have been pleased to support New Zealand ministries such as Christians Against PovertyKingdom Resources, Habitat for HumanityRhema Broadcasting Group, the Churches Education Commission and local churches. You are welcome to view our audited financial accounts.

Together with Ark Resources Ltd, Liberty Trust has enabled more than 500 New Zealand households, churches and ministries to be relieved from their financial burdens through interest-free mortgages (see testimonies) in order that they may better advance the Kingdom of God.

Contact Information
   PO Box 2211
   Whakatane 3159
   New Zealand
Phone: 0508 Liberty (542378)
Email:  info@libertytrust.nz
Web:   www.libertytrust.nz

"I shall walk in Liberty because I follow Your Principles" Ps 119 v 45