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Robert Cleland

We are very pleased to have Robert Cleland as part of our team of Trustees. Robert first assisted Liberty Trust as Budget Advisor for many years, helping people struggling with debt. He and his wife Liz love the Lord, and have had close relationships with Him for 20 years. They are trustees and house group leaders in their church, and have a heart for the rehabilitation of young people. They are also gifted at listening to and advising saints with wise use of their finances.

Robert is well known in dairy circles, as chairman of the BOP Holstein-Friesian Club and breeder of the Paroa stud cattle. He and two other Christian farmers are presently pioneering organic A2 milk, which is for sale in some outlets.

Liz is a homemaker who enjoys creating her beautiful garden, and leads the young teen church group. Their family of four young adults is a credit to their love and example. We are fortunate to have them in our leadership.

When Liberty Trust was formed in 1989 we joined and began contributing for two loans. One of these loans was balloted early and we gave it to a solo mother to help her to be freed from her bank mortgage.

Over the years of our Christian walk we have enjoyed lending to people in need. They have paid back interest-free in their own time. It has been a pleasure, helping people avoid being trapped by interest and debt. While we did this in a small way, Liberty Trust has expanded our vision for Christians to be able to pool our finances to help people reduce their mortgages faster.

Liberty Trust also helps people budget and encourages them to be more careful with their finances and see God’s principles put into practice. Malachi 3 v 10 shows us the blessing of tithing and offerings: in helping others we also help ourselves.

Robert & Liz