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Colleen Medwin

Colleen and her husband Ian were pioneers in Liberty Trust back in 1989 and Colleen became part of our management in 1993 and a trustee in 1997.

Colleen is a senior teacher at Taneatua School and Ian is a builder and they live in the country close to Urewera National Park. They fellowship at the Whakatane Baptist Church.

Their two sons Joseph and Ben are both in the NZ Navy while Rachel studies at University.

February 2000

Dear friends of Liberty Trust

Our walk with Liberty Trust has been a long one, from the very first meetings held in Whakatane in 1988. My husband Ian and I were very quick to catch the vision that God was showing for this wonderful ministry. Along with many others we were the first members. At that time we were a youngish couple with three young children. A year later we purchased our home and began the struggle with a mortgage.

Ian and I always felt that we were to give to Liberty Trust and that our ballot would be one of the last as we have always freely given to others. But God had other ideas and in October 1996 our name was drawn in a ballot. This year will be the final year of our mortgage, four years ahead of the time with the bank. Isn’t God good!

This was only the beginning of my involvement with Liberty Trust. Seven years ago I was approached to be part of the Mortgage Committee and then three years ago I became one of the Trustees and have had the joy of serving the members of the Trust in a very real way. I count it a real blessing to be able to serve God in this ministry.

Many years ago now when Ian was out of work and jobs seemed very hard to come by he was given the Scripture Matthew 25 titled “Do not Worry”. This Scripture has been our cornerstone when life’s little troubles come our way. I pray that it will also be a blessing to all members. God bless you as we continue to serve each other.

Colleen Medwin