The Interest-free Church Building Fund

“My people should pool their resources and lend to each other without interest.”

This was the instruction given by God to two intercessors in Whakatane in 1987 that led to the creation of Liberty Trust.  Commencing in 1989 it has now loaned over $50 million interest-free.  It is a living testimony today to the accuracy and truth of the Bible’s financial principles.

In the belief that each church is a part of one single body, we are inviting churches and Christian charities to “pool their resources” and assist one another to build or renovate their buildings, and build God’s Kingdom.

1: What is the cost in comparison to borrowing from banks and other lenders?

The cost is less than one-third of what a church is usually charged by other lenders!  Liberty Trust lends interest-free six times what is contributed, so if your church contributed $100,000 to Liberty Trust they could borrow $600,000 interest-free, and repay this over 10 years at $5,000 per month. A church borrowing for church buildings would typically be charged 6% or 7%pa interest by other lenders.  At 5.99% a loan of $600,000 repaid at $5,000 per month would take 15.2 years to be repaid and cost $313,033 in interest – three times as much as the $100,000 Liberty Trust contribution!  So, in this case choosing to borrow through Liberty Trust rather than through other lenders would save your church $213,033!

3. How much deposit will we need before borrowing?

Liberty Trust requires no deposit as we lend up to 100% of the value of your project.  Other lenders generally require a deposit of at least 40% for church buildings, and will lend up to 60% of the value of the project.  For example, to borrow $600,000 from a bank for a $1,000,000 church building project you would need a $400,000 deposit, plus you should expect to pay over $300,000 in interest.  To borrow $600,000 interest-free from Liberty Trust you would contribute $100,000 to help others, no deposit is required and no interest is charged.

4. What happens to our contributions?

Contributions to Liberty Trust are daily building God’s Kingdom.  By contrast, every dollar in mortgage interest paid to a bank is daily building the world’s financial system. 

Every dollar given to Liberty Trust will be lent and re-lent interest-free, again and again, to help more of God’s people. Already every dollar contributed has on average been loaned, repaid, loaned, repaid, and loaned a third time! Jesus called this the financial principle of ‘multiplication’ and your seed will just keep multiplying!

5. How long will our church have to wait before receiving an interest-free loan?

Loans are offered in the order in which members join.  When we began in 1989 with no initial capital, our longest waiting time was 12 years.  Today we have a $16 million interest-free storehouse and are offering loans in 8.5 years.  The wait time will continue to reduce as the storehouse grows. 

Generally, people find that an 8 or 9-year wait isn’t a problem as they need this time to build their contributions to 1/6th of what they will need to borrow.  A reduction of 2 years to a member’s wait time can be made where the contributions are received as a lump-sum at commencement, as the lump-sum speeds the wait time of everyone else.  On the other hand, the receipt of a substantial lump-sum as a part of a member’s contributions near the end of their wait for a loan would add to the member’s wait time.

6. How safe is Liberty Trust?

Liberty Trust is a registered NZ charitable trust and has been operating for almost 30 years.  We have loaned over $50 million interest-free so far to hundreds of households and families, churches, missionaries, and charities and currently have over $17 million in secured mortgages being repaid to us. 

Liberty Trust does not invest and has no outside debt (and never has had).  Compare that to the banks!  Is there any lender in NZ that can offer stronger security than that?  We lend and do not borrow, as the head and not the tail (Deut 28).  As we don’t charge interest you know the full cost of your loan (Luke 14:28) and don’t need to worry about being at the mercy of fluctuating interest rates.  Our expenses are very low, around 7% of our income, and our $17 million debt-free storehouse is growing at $2 million each year.

7. The Purpose of Liberty Trust

The Trust’s ultimate purpose is to advance God’s Kingdom by teaching the Bible’s financial principles and demonstrating that they are just as true today as the day in which they were written, thereby advancing the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.  Through good stewardship of God’s resources, sowing before reaping, generous giving instead of greed, assisting each other by lending to each other without interest, the whole Church as one single loving community (Christ’s body), God’s storehouse will be able to provide the needs of the gospel and of all peoples.

Implementation of God’s Bible financial principles by His people is essential if we are going to see the Bible’s promises come to fulfillment (which we will).  We all tend to pray, asking God to fulfill His financial promises, yet we overlook that He has already given us these principles, obedience to which will bring us the promised blessings we so earnestly pray for. We are one single loving community, united as ‘one body’ by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross, co-recipients of the New Covenant He lovingly died to bring us, “so that the world will know that you sent me” (Jn.17 v 21).  

“Do not charge your brother interest … so that the Lord your God may bless you
in everything you put your hand to in the land you are entering to possess.”  
Deut. 23:19-20

We are inviting churches to pool their resources and help each other, as a step towards bringing the above verses into being.  You can set an example to the people in your church and be a light to the world, showing that His Church, His body, is ‘one’.  Will you join us?

Please phone us on ‘0508 LIBERTY’ or email us at to receive a joining form for your church.  You can visit our website and view our history, videos, financial accounts, and more than 200 testimonies from households and churches blessed through Liberty Trust.  You are welcome to phone Kelvin Deal our chairman at 07 307 0444 or 021 214 3890.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

How the Liberty Life Church was built using Liberty Trust.
March 2016
6 mins